The recommended pad printing series for glass and ceramic decoration

Glass and ceramic containers are very popular in our everyday life.

1009 Series is a two component pad printing ink formulated to decorate these substrates. The printed result appears shiny and with good opacity.

1009 Series pad printing inks offer excellent adhesion, fast cross-linking and improved abrasion resistance with thermal polymerization after printing.

Excellent mechanical resistance and solidity to acids, organic solvents and oils.

The ink is dishwasher safe once heat cured.

1009 series, beyond glass and ceramic, shows excellent adhesion on stainless steel, aluminum and on chromed metals such as taps, shower sets.

In the color range, in addition to the standard colors and the 12 INK SYSTEM shades, there are also opaque colors (High Density) and ready-to-use metallic colors.

For more information, consult the technical data sheet on the website.