The recommended pad printing series for glasses decoration

Glasses are more than just an accessory.

Starting from the idea to the final product, behind every pair of glasses there is a long study and a careful process.

Shapes and colors make glasses a captivating and stylish accessory for everyday use.

The materials used in the production of frames, for example acetate or painted steel, must have excellent features such as strength, lightness and comfort for extraordinary ethical and aesthetic results.

Pad printing is a great solution for decorating and customizing the surfaces of the frames.

Sericom Italia recommends 1002 series.

Two-component ink with a glossy appearance, it has good printability and good opacity.

The addition of the hardener guarantees mechanical resistance and solidity to fats, oils and many organic solvents.

In our color range over the classic standard shades, HD (high density) shades are also available which guarantee greater opacity, and also ready-to-use metallic shades.

For more information, consult the technical data sheet on our website.