The recommended pad printing series for printing on polypropylene

Polypropylene is one of the most widespread plastics in use thanks to its properties and performances.

Among the these fields, we can find medical application items and tools such as syringes, vials and dispensers.

These items always require clearly identifiable prints on their surface.

For polypropylene printing, Sericom Italia suggest the 2000-PP pad printing ink series.

2000-PP is a pad printing formulation suited for non-surface treated PP material, offering an excellent adhesion on the vast majority of polypropylene based substrates.

One component ink fast drying high gloss.

Adding hardener increases the 2000-PP mechanical and chemical resistances of the prints.

Further applications include but are not limited to surface treated polypropylene, surface treated, metals ( adhesion testing is required ), lacquered substrates and polyurethane.

2000-PP is available in ready to print standard shades, color matching shades ( Ink System ), opaque high density shades, metallic shades and fluorescent shades.

For more information, consult the technical data sheet on our website.