The right series to print on EPS

Nowadays expanded polystyrene boxes are commonly used for the transport and packaging of fish, seeds, fruit and vegetables.

Lightweight, non-toxic, odorless and totally recyclable, expanded polystyrene has excellent thermal properties which keep the food in the boxes at a stable temperature and therefore are used by almost all units in the food industry.

Over the years customers have requested to print logos and slogans on the material, to make polystyrene boxes more attractive and customized.

For the decoration of expanded polystyrene Sericom Italia recommeds PSE series.

It is a delicate and not aggressive ink so our customers can print on this material, which is very sensitive to cracks or corrosion due to the aggressiveness of the solvent mixture.

This screen printing ink is fast drying, with good printability and a satin appearance.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.