The series recommended for printing membrane switches

Every day in our private and working lives, we are in touch with devices that have membrane keyboards.

Membrane keyboards still represent an excellent solution for all machinery and electrical devices which require resistance to wear, dirt and humidity.

They are widely used in different sectors such as: automotive, naval, railway, household appliances, electro-medical, military, vending, ATMs, machine tools and any electronic device.

Membrane keyboards can be of various shapes and colors, (with embossed keys, transparent windows and LEDs), for this reason they are also very common in all the objects where design is a key part of the product.

Sericom Italia recommends the TM series for printing and decorating polycarbonate and treated polyester.

The ink, with a satin appearance, has excellent printability and it is fast drying.

TM is very solid to alcohol and scratch resistant, its flexibility makes it suitable for thermoforming and key padding.

The color range also includes non-conductive shades such as Black and Silver.

For more information, consult the technical data sheet.