Pigments and fluorescent shades ready to use

Both in screen and pad printing, special effects have always been used to decorate and highlight prints, making them more attractive and impactful.

Fluorescent shades are among the most requested special effects.

Mostly used in screen printing, they are bright and luminous creating a contrast with the material on which they are printed.

The fluorescent pigments can be mixed in various binding systems and therefore are suitable for almost all types of surfaces.

Due to their transparency, it is suggested to print on light backgrounds or to apply a white color as background if the material is dark.

It is recommended to print with 77.55 meshes.

Sericom Italia also offers ready-to-use fluorescent shades in several series of screen and pad printing inks.

For further information and know the series where you can find ready-to-use shades, please consult the technical data sheets or contact us.