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Screen printing inks

Wide range of screen printing inks for all surfaces, products guaranteed by our 30 years of experience in the industry.
The word Screen printing (also known as serigraphy) derives from the Latin seri (silk) and the Greek "γράφειν" gràphein (to write), because the first printing supports were made of silk.

Pad priting inks

Pad printing inks guarantee great results on each kind of surface.
The first pad printing machine is more than 200 years old, clichés were made of copper and hand-engraved.

UV curable

Screen and pad printing UV-curable inks, for traditional and LED lamps.
Ultraviolet means beyond the violet, because violet is the last colour visible by the human eye.

Digital inks

Our UV-LED Seri-Jet digital ink Series can meet all your needs.
 UV-LED lamps guarantee both a monetary and environmental saving while maintaining a high-quality light emission.